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25 Silly Minion Quotes
Minin Babysitting



Minin BackrubAh yeah.


Minin Be ShrtEnjoy it!


Minin Drbell It’s easier. 


Minin Fast FrwardMake it stop.


Minin Fur Levels CrazySo silly on so many levels.


Minin GratefulDo you have it?


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Minin My ThighsThey did!


Minin SenirsMake them wonder.


Minin Service Number Sounds accurate.


Minin Sllve All Prblems Most of them.


Minin Tag Hungry Tag them.


Minion BusinessTwo rules.


Minion Monday Found Me You won’t get me!


Minin See It All Tis true.


Minin SiblingWho?!


Minin Impresses Work it!


Minin Get UpGet up!


Minin Best Memries Be brave and foolish.


Minin PpYou won’t!


Minin BlanketsWe fooled them.

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