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28 Hilarious Quotes For Every Situation

Funny Darkcoffee

Be gone, and maybe go after someone a little less…me.

Funny Quote

Seriously. That’s a sign that you better run too, because like, Godzilla or a serial killer is chasing me.

Funny Type

Damn it. And I only I got a cookie and orange juice out of the deal.

Funnyquote 5Days

But somehow I’ll make it. I know. I am a fighter.

Funnyquote Accident

You’re my favorite kind of risky proposition!

Funnyquote Melol

Ah, life, always saying “Not so fast!”

Funnyquote Nopickles

Can someone fix their technology and update to this year?

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Funnyquote Old

I’m going to apologize if it’s the latter.

Funnyquote Overthink

Just give me… 5 days of agonizing thought and then I’ll let you know!

Funnyquote Packed

Think that’s too few? I mean, I might go somewhere fancy or decide to wear red after all….

Funnyquote Pizza

Beautiful pieces of pizza. I love you all.

Funnyquote Tequila


Funnyquote We

Get your own!

Quote 1

One out of two ain’t bad though, right?

Quote Antisocial

I often select not to be social. See how that works?

Quote Asshole

It’s like a superpower you develop.

Quote Goback

Please. No, now.

Quote Google

So where does that leave us now? Hmm..

Quote Sparkly

I’ll just ignore them all!

Quotes Seatbelt

Those are the days when I’m worried for myself.


Their box is stifling. Make your own guidelines!

Quote Bus

Karma always comes to those who need a visit, so beware.

Quote Dejapoo

No, seriously, I’ve seen this all before.

Quote Hope

That’s why I don’t hope. Then the disappointment isn’t as crushing!

Quote Nicer

Huh. What a phenomenon.

Quote Patience

But the place has to clear sometime.

Quote Pennythoughts

Sure there isn’t a cut-rate?

Quote Shady

They wouldn’t have answered though.

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