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33 Funny Memes For Introverts Who Have to Go “Be Social” this Holiday Season
Funny Only Know One Person

Don’t leave me!

Funny Not Hiding

Just waiting until the people are gone

Funny Nobody Cancels

How dare they.

Funny Cancel Plans

Oh. Sad.

Funny In Conclusion

Didn’t meant to bother you

Funny Regret Plans

I was so young and full of hope then.

Funny Promised Feel Like It

Too. much. activity.

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Funny Quietly Skeleton

Waiting…go now!

Funny Anxiety Do I Hear

Whats’s going on?

Funny Stop Being Lonely


Funny Whoo Close

Dodged that one.

Funny Whole Day Social

I’m out.

Funny What I Think

Keeping it hidden.

Funny See Someone Know

No, no, no, abort mission, abort mission!

Funny Random Anxiety Change

Just give me these 5 seconds, please.

Funny New People

I know you so I can talk to you.

Funny New People Me


Funny My Friends Tonight


Funny Isolating Myself

It’s cozy though.

Funny Introverts Pokemon

I’ll evolve!

Funny Introverts Peopling

Leave me

Funny Introverts Gather

Taking so much…

Funny Introvert Language

How words?

Funny Introvert Downstairs

OMG, Dog, I love you.

Funny In Conclusion

There we go.

Funny Fake My Death

Surely I can do another idea.

Funny Door Heavy

Just wait.

Funny Done Hedges

The definition of go away.

Funny Cant Go Outside


Funny Busy All Day

So busy.

Funny Approachable


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