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TFB Short Clips

30 Hilarious Broke AF For When the Only Thing You Can Pay is Attention

No, I couldn’t imagine!

Got about 2 dollars.

Counting them pennies.

Just charging up that available balance.


Doing some math..

Best friend ever!

Vienna sausage!

I love you so much.

You think getting through this?

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Such a betrayal.

Full plate almost!

Chicken flavor tho.


Such. empty.

How dare I.

Oh no….

Let’s get this coin.

It looks like an iphone though, so well-done!

Seems legit.

This looks like a mistake.

It’s a Caesars.

It’s their new handmade-looking line.

Words can’t express.

Just one.

Stacking coins.


No, I’m fine.

What is their secret?!

Yep, I’m definitely under 12.



Just waiting.

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