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TFB Short Clips

33 Funny Florida Man Memes and Florida Woman Memes

At least he knew he was drunk.

It was an emergency to him.

You could’ve been working there shortly!

Does he have a regretti?

But how…I guess wind dynamics?

He thought it was a fair trade.

He looks sad.

Officer, yes, there are my tacos. I assume everything is in order.

The cat was that amazing.

The cat roams free.

I assume alcohol was involved.

She hadn’t planned the getaway very well.

She had a plan. 

Did you think before you left the house?

Yes, those nasty windcaines.

Well, I bet some parents were annoyed.

It was CLEARLY an emergency.

He was a polite burglar.

Did she find it appeeling?

What is the story here? 

And the plan was….?

He must not have been too hungry.

Pure Florida. 

She took the nugget love to a new low.

They have a friendship.

So, drugs, then?.

Why the bull costume?


The reasoning was….

He had to make an effort to climb and do that. He had a plan and by goodness, he was going to stick to it.

So he was just drunk stopping.

Imagine this being in your record.

Stop stealing cars.

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