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34 MLM Memes To Look At Instead of the “Opportunity” in Your DMs

Multi-level marketing (MLM), a.k.a. pyramid marketing, a.k.a network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy where contract workers work on a commission basis, to sell a company’s products or services. These contract workers can earn additional commission by referring other contract workers and earn a percentage of their referee’s commissions. Every now and then an MLM scheme goes viral, and spreads faster than contagions like the corona virus. And as you might expect, MLM memes poking fun of these schemes also go viral.

Many unscrupulous online predators have preyed on a victim’s greed and laziness to promote their scams by spam email. These victim end up being swindled by these get-rich-quick pyramid schemes. To raise awareness of these underhanded tactics, please enjoy this collection of MLM memes and forward to all your friends instead of wasting time sifting through these “opportunities” in your DMs.

Mlm Im In Penguin

This isn’t what Karen said it was going to be.

Mlm Scamdalf

Run, Bilbo!

Mlm Pretty Much

All from my little purple card!

Mlm Stop Telling

Just stop.

Mlm 99 Pervent

Stop it.

Mlm Recruit

You had me in the first half.

Mlm Mascara

All of them.

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Mlm Herba Life


Mlm Lula See

Screech approved.

Mlm First Rule


Mlm No Karen

Attack of the velocihuns.

Mlm 500 Aday

Be your own boss!

Mlm Bully Wanna Buy

How about some cleansing juice?

Mlm Starts Promoting


Mlm Is This

Your 9 to 5 is a scam!

Mlm Never Joined


Mlm Additional Income


Mlm Sponsored Grandma


Mlm Stay At Home Career

Is it?

Mlm Attends Meeting

And he can make a millionaire.

Mlm No 7 Years


Mlm New Growth

It’s getting rid of all of the toxins!

Mlm Assume

And run.

Mlm Be Your Own Boss

They’re waiting…

Mlm Bump Its

Hey hon!

Mlm Just Me You

I’ve got a way for you to be your own boss!

Mlm Facebook Join

Do it!

Mlm Pyramid Scheme

Hey, girl…you wanna fight the flu? Get my oils!

Mlm Monat Lisa

Her hair was just detoxing.

Mlm Essential Oil

I feel good…don’t need a side hustle…am good..

Mlm So Much Time

I’m having doubt.

Mlm Christian Moms

I can’t.

Mlm Pills

Oooh…very hard to swallow.

Mlm Wanna Buy Leggings

No, stay away.

Mlm Income Disclosure

Oh…they make how much?

Mlm Joining Mean Girls


Mlm Pyramid Sheme

A pyramid!

Mlm Starterpack

Oily mama!

Mlm Huns

Hey girl! How about a new exciting business opportunity?

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