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TFB Short Clips

35 Very Funny Animal Pictures

Sounds legit.










Cats will sleep anywhere.










I said anywhere.





Like father, like son.





What cutie!





“Mom, I am cuter than these dishes, am I right?”





“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”





“You said WHAT?”





Stop, put your hands up!






“I mean to do this, clearly.”





He’s a big football fan.






“What kind of chair is this?!?”






This horse knows historical reenactments are goofy.






Seal photobomb for the win!






Subtle, dog.











Flowers are terrifying.






Or a llama.






Me too, bud.










Sloth-Black Cat love!






Like a boss!






Skeptical dog is skeptical!





Gandalf the Grey?





This parrot is acing his New Year’s resolution.





“It was PANDAmonium!”





Drama fish on the move.










Crushing it.





You go wolf!





“First let me take a selfie!”





G-O-A-T meets quokka.

(That is Roger Federer)

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