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Originally posted on February 5, 2017 @ 11:02 am

38 Super Funny Animal Pics

38 Super Funny Animal Pics.

Read my lips… Bye bye!

It’s slimy and squishy.

Sheep clothing, wolf, gears turning in head…

At one with nature.

Totally misread that.

Cats know best.

I choose here.


You can thank me later.

Well trained.

Better call sherlock.

Well appointed automobile.

I must drink water… but I don’t like water.

Cuteness overload.

Humans are too trusting to humans.


Sulking dogs.



Don’t mind my eyeballs…

My own live stuffed toy!

It’s the feet…


Stink eye.

Don’t hurt his feelings.


Pouty face.

Facetiming with the devil.

Dog spa.

Just to be clear…

Excuse me?


Put me down human.

What is this human!?


Come now.

Talk about brownie points!

Seeing the truth.

Taco tuesday!

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