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4 of the Hottest and Best Ebikes You Can Buy Right Now

Biking is a great way to socially-distance with friends, get some exercise, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings around you. While back in the 80’s and 90’s we had traditional bikes that relied solely on the power of our legs, today’s is a lot easier. Electric bicycles are a great way to get around, whether you’re commuting, riding through a park, or just trying to get some fresh air. An ebike is quickly becoming Summer 2020’s hottest new recreational device. If you’re dreaming of a new bicycle, consider one of the following hot ebike buys on Amazon. Each has great features for safety and performance, offering a way to bike through nearly any environment with ease. 

NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

Nakto Bike With Accessories

New to ebikes? If you’re looking for the perfect starter ebike, consider the NAKTO Cargo Electric Bicycle. This uni-sex bicycle is easy to operate, features premium design, and has a large capacity battery. There are three cycling modes: human (completely operated by you), assisted, and electric, so you can bike exactly how you want. It’s equipped with a smart lithium battery that lets you get 22-28 miles per charge. The 36V10A battery is removable and waterproof, so peddle without worry of shock.

Nakto Cargo Bike

The Cargo is packed with great safety features, including a bright 360-degree LED lighting system, horn, and trumpet so you can let people know you’re on the road.  The handlebar also packs a 6-speed gear shift system and has a display for notifying you of the ebike’s power: low, medium, and high, plus there’s a turn on/off pedal assist. Check out more features about the NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle below!

ENGWE 500W 20 inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Mountain Beach Snow Bike 

Engwe Electric Bike

The ENGWE 500W 20 inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Mountain Beach Snow Bike promises all-weather fun. Lightweight aluminum alloy design and a 20-inch wheel with fat tires can handle both urban and trail terrain, and the onboard 48V 500W brushless gear motor helps you get 22 MPH in assist mode. The removable battery offers more than 25 miles and you can charge it while in frame or alone once removed from the bike. One of the best features of the ENGWE design has to be its folding capability which lets you store it even in a compact car’s trunk.

Engwe Electric Bike Led Panel

There’s a 7-speed -SHIMANO Transmission System so you can set your speed for a relaxing coast or heavy endurance training, then stop on a dime with the perfect brake. Check out your speed, mode, miles, and battery life with the onboard LED panel. The leather seat is designed for comfort mile after mile, and can raise up to 6.5 feet high

The operating modes of the ENGWE 500W ebike are as follows:

  • Passive mode –  40-45 miles
  • Electric mode – 35-40 miles
  • Sport and e-tech mode – 60-80 miles

Best of all, it comes 85% assembled, and the remaining assembly is easy. Load capacity is a decent 330 lbs. See the specs and more at the link below.

Murtisol Electric Bicycles Aluminium Adult Ebike 36V 250W

Murtisol Ebike

The Murtisol is another aluminum design bike, and features a lightweight weight of only 40 lbs/18.2 kg. It folds for easy storage and travel, and features the battery fully-hidden in the frame for a sleek look. Like other ebikes for sale, you’ll get three riding modes, and the 250W motor can achieve 15.5 mph or 25 km/h. Mileage for the purely electric mode comes in at 15.5 miles/25 km, and 37 miles/60 km for assisted mode.  Front and rear disc brake, plus a cruise speed control system let you set the terms for your ride, then stop immediately if needed. You’ll enjoy a comfortable ride in most settings thanks to the ebike’s pneumatic tire which has great grip even in wet or sandy terrain. 

Safety is paramount to Murtisol, and they made sure there’s a super-bright light in the front and rear, plus an electric horn. The front LED light features a span of 21 feet/20 meters in front of you and the rear tail light even works when power is off. Onboard is an HD smart meter, which shows remaining battery life, current speed, and lets you set the gear.  These’s even more exciting specs below:

  • Bike dimensions: 130*28*105 (cm) 51.1*11*41.3 (inch)
  • After folding: 130*28*71 (cm) 51.1*11*27.9 (inch)
  • Top Speed (Assisted) Gear 1: 14km/h 8.7mph Gear 2: 19km/h 11.8mph Gear 3: 25km/h 15.5mph
  • 25km 15.5miles (Pure Electric) 60km 37.3miles (Assisted)

ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike Adult Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer Bike

Ancheer is another great manufacturer of electric bikes, and has been offering quality rides for years. Their design is top-notch, and this 500W/250W ebike features aluminum alloy throughout the build, for a total weight of 50 lbs/23 kg. And if you want speeds, check this out, it features a Shimano 21-speed shifter. As for power, there’s a 12.AH Lithium-ion battery for a range of 40 miles per charge. Charging time is just 6 hours, and may be charged on the bike or in a household outlet. 

Ancheer Bike Specs

There’s a 36V 500 W high-speed brushless gear motor onboard this beauty, and it offers a maximum speed of 20 mph. It’s a durable ride for commuting on the street or taking off on an off-road adventure. Enjoy dual-disc brakes for an effortless stop and a front suspension frame for reducing shock. 

Find the dimensions below, then click to see this e bike in action with a video.

  • Full Length: 64.4 inches 
  • Handlebars length: 26.7 inches 
  • Seat Height: 32.6-38 inches

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