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Originally posted on May 26, 2017 @ 7:52 am

40 Of The Funniest Pics Ever

40 Of The Funniest Pics Ever. More funny pictures here.

We’ve moved on from free candy!

Is this really AAAAAA service?

You can do this with “In bed” too!

Get you a case of what my grandma would call “the sugars.”

His face says “No.”

Who wouldn’t be excited about egg salad?

This is a Miserables sounding story.

Where is my Super Suit?!

Let’s start a trend of doing food-related threats. Then I’ll butter your roll!

OMG it looks like an angry fish!

A true introvert.

But this is Wikipedia and could be a TRAP.

You had one job, box designer.

Moms vs. Dads: Illustrated


Wait, is this not how we’re supposed to do it?

Just one more viewing…

At this point, isn’t it more trouble than to pay for a ticket?


Is that Buzz Killington?

Remember the word diet has “die” in it, so you’re saving yourself!

She ain’t wrong, Jim!

Here come the Dragon Tales..


When you try to rationalize with a dog.

Fowl image here.


I thought buffering with Netflix was bad.

It’s legit.


He escaped the High School Music years. Let him live!


Only a Dad would use a Yoda image for a burn.

You’re killing the mood.

How long do I have to stay like this?

funniest pics ever

Did he just cry out “Oh deer!





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