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62 Funny Ideas for Elf On the Shelf

Make the elf get all wrapped up in wrapping paper.

Set up a power-lifting elf with some marshmallows and a toothpick.

A great way to use Littlest Pet Shop or other puppy toys is to make the elf “walk” them with a string or pipe cleaners for the leash.

Let the kids see what happens to that naughty elf when it goes too close to the vacuum.

The elves are running amuck with underwear, I see!

Or maybe the elf does a little tp-ing of the Christmas tree.

Who could’ve trapped that elf?

Ah, now the elf is the captor.

If you don’t want to make a huge mess, just have the elf squirt a message in toothpaste.

The tooth fairy can get in the act by “stopping” the elf from telling Santa about misdeeds.

Hm, someone should make sure the elf knows how to use stickers.

The elf can have a sleepover with princesses.

Who let the elf use the stove?

Set that elf up for a cozy night in with some popcorn and a remote control.

Here’s a sneaky place for an elf to hide!

Maybe the elf should get a shave.

Use a dry-erase marker to write a warning message on the bathroom mirror!

A fishing scene with a shark is always a crowd-pleaser.

Ha, the elf presents his own take on sexiest man alive.

Set up a duck race!

That pesky elf has taken over your device!

This is an adorable elf school scene.It’s a sack race!

Ah, that elf got in the piggy bank.

Elves can have roasted marshmallows.

Leave out some oats as reindeer food on the big night.

Spell out a message in post-it notes.

A ribbonobstacle course will be a delight.

A melted snowman will make them laugh.

Put the toy cars to good use.

A snowball fight between other toys and the elf is fun to set up.

Use the lyrics of everyone’s favorite Frozen song to do a prank.

Here’s another way to use Let it Go..spell it out in sugar with Elsa.

That ketchup bottle is sure to make a mess!

Ah, this one is for the adults.

Make a cozy igloo out of cotton balls.

It’s hot dog good time with the elf.

Make a scavenger hunt with candy canes.

The elves have a bad habit of getting in the fridge.

See, they even turned the milk green!

Googly eyes are always hilarious.

Say cheese! This elf on the shelf picture prop is great.

Brr, did the elf get stuck in the fridge?

Ha, blue food coloring and goldfish crackers make a fun fishing scene. 

Ride them rubber duckies.

Let the kids see the elves trapped in the dryer.

The elves can get into so much in the kitchen.

Eating all kinds of food.

The dog cookie prank is a fun gag.

Those elves are big climbers.

Ah, this elf got cookie drunk.

Naughty elf leaving little chip poos.

Construct a book tower.

A slow cooker and props make a cute bath.

The bandaids are so tricky.

Combine the love of minions and the elf on the shelf for this prank.

Make a ball pit out of puffs or peanut M&Ms.

The elf can take a ride on this apple caterpillar.