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80’s and 90’s Memes to Give You a Throwback
Meme 90S Lyrics

Why did they do this?


Meme 90 Push Coin It does nothing!


Meme 90S Batteries Low Gotta get my music.


Meme 90 Cd Scratch I’ll have to buy this all over again.


Memes 90S Minesweeper I probably won once.


Memes 90 Casette And sometimes there weren’t any!


Meme Tamagotchi I’m so sorry.


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Meme Tag Ripped It’s worthless now!


Meme Cracking Ice Ahh Otter Pops.


Meme 95 Internet Took forever!


Meme 90S VhsSo confusing.


Meme 90S Vhs Sleep Thank you VHS!


Meme 90S Slides Choose carefully.


Meme 90S Sick Sweet


Meme 90S Saved #Goals


Meme 90S Pants The worst!


Meme 90S Lisa Frank Lisa Frank was the designer of the 90’s.


Meme 90S Gym Class Yes!


Meme 90S Clothes Sassy!


Meme 90S Clack You know you do.


Meme 90S Ball Thwack.


Meme 90 Which Admit it.




Meme 90 Struggle Juice How dare the straw do this?


Meme 90 Smaller Pencil Rebel.


Meme 90 SOh yeah.


Meme 90 Milk Every time.


Meme 90 Itunes In my car.


Meme 90 Butterfly Clips Butterfly clips are hell.


Meme 90 Block Phone People Bye.


Meme 90 BearsLet’s count some bears!

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