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During Operation Tidal Wave II four A-10’s and two AC-130 gunships destroyed 116 ISIS fuel trucks – in one day.

On November 15th 2015, near Abu Kamal, Syria, coalition forces launched Operation Tidal Wave II. The strikes were carried out by two AC-130 gunships and four A-10 Warthogs. The Warthogs alone spent over twenty four 500lb bombs and several strafing runs.

I’ve shown our colleagues photos taken from space and from aircraft which clearly demonstrate the scale of the illegal trade in oil and petroleum products. The motorcade of refueling vehicles stretched for dozens of kilometers, so that from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon. Via – Putin

One coalition strike destroys 116 fuel trucks controlled by terrorists near Abu Kamal, Syria, on Nov. 15, 2015. This strike was conducted in support of Operation Tidal Wave II, an operation designed to inflict significant damage on the terror group’s ability to gain revenue for their operations.

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