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Fight ISIS AND Get A Free TrackingPoint Rifle?

Yes this is true. No this isn’t some gimmick or advertisement to get you to join this or buy that. This is legit. TrackingPoint is offering ten free systems to any organization who can legally get themselves and the rifles into the Middle East to fight ISIS. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the press release.

Via – TrackingPoint CEO John McHale

“We firmly believe that the M600 SR and M800 DMR will save countless lives and enable our soldiers to dominate enemy combatants including terrorists. It’s hard to sit back and watch what is happening over there. We want to do our part. Ten guns don’t sound like a lot but the dramatic leap in lethality is a great force multiplier. Those ten guns will feel like two hundred to the enemy


Free Trackingpoint Rifle Pics 2


So if you think you and your friends can legally get into, and take the weapons to the Middle East to fight ISIS, contact Kimberly Chung at 512-220-5196 or


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