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Choose the Best Funny Zoom Background to Hide Your Messy Room

Zoom conference calls about as ubiquitous as smartphones these days. With everyone working from home and trying to home school, your home’s natural state may not be fit for a work Zoom call from your boss. Enter funny Zoom backgrounds! These are simple graphics files that you drop into Zoom to use as a background as though you were standing in front of a green screen. Perfect for trying to do a Zoom call when you’re hiding in a room full of unfolded laundry! We’ve compiled a collection for you to choose the best funny Zoom Background that’ll add a little humor and personality to your work calls. Check them out and feel free to save them for your own use!

Funny Zoom Background Featuring Tiger King And Tiger

Tiger King fan anyone?

Zoom Background Featuring The Office

Zooming from “The Office”

Zoom Background Featuring Hallway From The Shining

How about some horror flashback from “The Shining”?

Zoom Background Featuring The Simpson'S Living Room

It doesn’t get more welcoming than “The Simpson’s living room”!

Zoom Background Featuring Bob'S Burger

Of if it’s around lunch time Zoom Meeting, how about at “Bob’s Burger”?

Zoom Background From Minecraft

Or in your own Minecraft creation?

House On Fire Zoom Background

If the kids are creating chaos, baby’s screaming, why not embellish the truth a little?

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Guy Checking Out Some Other Girl Meme As Zoom Background

Well that could be awkward…

Best Zoom Background 36

Comic fans will recognize the “Hall of Justice”

Best Zoom Background 35

And of course the “Batcave” too!

Best Zoom Background 34

And for animation fans, there’s a scene from “Inside Out”!

Best Zoom Background 33

And the living room from “Up”!

Disney Castle Zoom Background

Or for a taste of the classic, how about the “Disney Castle”.

Ru Paul'S Drag Race Zoom Background

For something more grown up, you could opt for Ru Paul’s Drag Race scene.

The Moon Zoom Background

Or how about a step back into history?

Starship Enterprise Bridge Zoom Background

Or somewhere where no man (sic) has gone?


Aquarium Zoom Background

For something closer to home, why not an out of this world scene from an aquarium?

Godzilla Zoom Background

Or you could choose a scarier creature?

Top Gun Zoom Background

For those who’re lamenting the delay of Top Gun: Maverick, how about a scene from the cockpit?

Final Fantasy Vii Zoom Background

Back to videogame fans, what about a scene from “Final Fantasy VII”?

John Wick 3 Zoom Background

For John Wick fans out there, what about this place?

Animal Crossing Zoom Background

More video game fan backgrounds, this one is from “Animal Crossing”

Simpson'S Sign Gag Zoom Background

Or trust the Simpson’s to give us a witty laugh with their cheeky letterboards.

Knives Out Zoom Background

This scene from “Knives Out” proved popular for those wanting to send a not so subtle message…


Parks And Recreation Zoom Background

What about this place from “Parks and Recreation”?


Family Guy Living Room Zoom Background

More edgy TV fans, can try the “Family Guy” living room.

Toilet Paper Wall Zoom Background

Or how a little flexing for your Zoom Meeting friends?

Van Gogh'S Iris Zoom Background

Art fans can show off some Van Gogh Irises.

Math Lady Zoom Background

While math fans can size up this background.

Microsoft Windows Zoom Background

And if you’re in IT, this is probably the background for you.

The Witcher Zoom Background

Witcher fans can be transported to the lightouse!

Fortnite Zoom Background

And for those serious Fortnite fans, why not go to the Lobby?


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