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Originally posted on July 30, 2017 @ 5:05 pm

50 Memes for Stressed-Out Parents

And THEN what happened? This story is longer than War and Peace!



Some of these emotions are just in one hour.



This is the BEST! Oh my, I can’t wait to just sit in silence outside.



Has anyone seen the cat? She was here yesterday…



Oh yeah, that’s right. Fluff and fold tonight, baby.


I am with you. I have been you.



My mom used to threaten that I would get a kid like me.. now I have to call her and apologize for so much.



And sometimes it sounds like it too, with the elephants and lions and all of the rampaging chaos.



But it was so nice.



Also you can get someone to yell “MOM” in your ear over and over.



Why are they such monsters?!



And putting on sunscreen…



No spinning until your homework is done!



Look at all these things I bought you! Plus your bed, your food, your clothing…



Yeah but if it’s not decaf tea, I’m still a party animal. Oh yeah, I’ll be until at least 11 p.m.



They shall never take my freedom again! Oh crap, here they are!



You already tried that one! Come on, you really expect me to belief that?



When kids say “I’m bored.”



Tiny little dynamite is set. Better not breathe, sniff, or move from now to morning.



Get out, get out! Take a couple bucks out of my purse for lunch, come on.



No. Is this a dream? I still have to clean?



Of course, I appreciate the stuff for myself way more.



I will come at you so hard, boy.



Ah, heartwarming family dinners.



Do they just stand there and get wet? What magic are they using?



And yep, there it is. A series of the most annoying sounds in the world.



Says you! Just you wait though.



Embrace it, feel it, and just cry occasionally.



And that makes me a winner.



I have a thousand skills because I’m a parent, and you will pay.



Or even one that makes me look like I slept even just one day.



Just wait, just wait!



Sure, that’s what we always said too.



You can just eat tomorrow!



All my plans, dashed. But hey, I got to sleep!



My kids to me when they’re going to bed.



Just can you give me this, please?



Mom, look, I’m reenacting Free Willy!



But please, show me again.



My whole life is a recalculation.



It needs to be right here, right now, because the only time a mom has is “right now.”



I know, it’s magic.



What an amazing dream that was!



And that’s just the beginning.



But you said it at 3:30 PM last Friday, mom!



Damn it, night mom, you always dream too big.



Um…what’s that over there? Why don’t you go color?



It feels good to be so powerful.



Though even if you’re a pet parent, you can learn this skill. Sometimes it’s a necessity.

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