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Get RGB Cloud and Love Have a Colorful Thunderstorm in Your Space

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the RGB Cloud Lamp over on Uncommon Goods. If you ever wanted anything that could be an interactive light show in cloud form, well, designer Richard Clarkson has you covered. Clarkson is a New Zealand designer who first came up with the cloud lamp in 2014, but now has a sleek color-filled version that’s remote-controlled.

Cloud Lamp

RGB Cloud Lamp lets you add atmospheric design to your space with an “electrifying light show” with your own music. As the music plays, the cloud lights up with a cycle of color changes, flashing to the beat of the current song. You also have the option to cycle through different colors as you choose. You control it via a remote control. The design looks like a fluffy cloud, but inside are multiple LED lights. When the RGB Cloud is lit up, it’s a rainbow but it looks just as cool when simply white. Either way, it’s a great conversation starter.

Cloud Lamp Again

Where you hang the RGB Cloud is up to you, because it has a 6-foot long cable to be hung anywhere. Place it on the ceiling or hang it in the corner from a plant hook; either place, you’re bound to make a colorful statement. RGB Cloud features several modes and sizes; see below:

Modes: Lightening, Music Reactive, Ambient White Lamp, Ambient Colorful Lamp.

Four sizes available: Small, Medium, Large and Huge.

Two installation options: Hardwire (permanent option) or Swag (plug & play).

If you want the plug & play version, then you can find it on Uncommon Goods. The version will come packaged with the following and measure 10″ L x 9″ W x 6″ H.

RGB Cloud with USB cord

USB power supply

White hooks (with hoop crimps)

Instruction Manual

Handwritten Note

All of the clouds are lovingly handmade in Clarkson’s Brooklyn studio, and you can order the other sizes directly from him as well. The other sizes are as follows:

Medium        17 x 16 x 10

Large           22 x 20 x 15

Huge            30 x 28 x 18

The larger sizes have a longer wait time for shipping, so be sure you check the website before ordering. If you have downlight screw socket available you can purchase their Lightbulb Socket Adapter to plug it straight into the socket.

So what does this amazing cloud lamp cost? It’s a little steep but you have to admit, it’s cool as anything. The small size retails for $532 while the medium is $660, the large is $950 and the huge is $1,210. Free shipping is available within the U.S, with international shipping available at an extra cost. Note that this particular unit doesn’t have a speaker, but the Tiny cloud does, which is for sale with an uber-fast lead time of 5 working days for an extra fee.

Order your cloud, set it up and feel like the master of the universe when you control it for friends at parties.

Alternate designs are available on Amazon for a more wallet friendly price.

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