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Franz-Albrecht Öttingen-Spielberg – The German Boar Hunting Badass

So a while back I showed you the Man Who Gives ISIS Nightmares, Abu Azrael. Today I introduce to you Franz-Albrecht, the man who gives boars nightmares. Needless to say, Franz-Albrecht likes shooting boars. Hell, who doesn’t? But unlike most of us common folk, he is damn good at it. He needs to visit Texas for a few days. Franz is shooting a Sauer 202. I was going to investigate further, maybe dig up some history and what not, but I couldn’t find much. I did find his Facebook Page, and he was in a couple Boar Hunting Videos. I’m willing to bet there is TONS of information about this guy if you look hard enough. Well, whatever. Watch the video, his fast shooting is damn impressive. Oh, and on a side note… For all of you “anti-hunting” internet trolls out there that might be reading this. Go spend about 15 minutes on Google and see how bad the wild boar problem is before you decide you want to act like you know what you’re talking about. 🙂

Franz-Albrecht – The Man That Gives Boars Nightmares




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