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15 Funny Divorce Memes about Bill & Melinda Gates

All of us have been struggling with seeing the same person day in day out, with lock down, social distancing and WFH. You can say that Covid has been a true test of relationships. While being stuck in a shoebox size apartment with the same people day in day out can get on your nerves, looks like it can also apply to being stuck in a 66,000 sqft. mansion with all the comforts of modern technology available to man. After 27 years of marriage, one of which was under COVID lockdown, Bill & Melinda Gates have announced their divorce. Neither Bill nor Melinda seem too bummed by the announcement (you’ll see why in the funny divorce memes below), so why not check out these funny divorce memes at their expense!

Funny Divorce Memes Bill Melinda Gates

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Funny Divorce Memes Rolling In It

Rolling in it.

Funny Divorce Memes Indecent Proposal

Reflecting on life choices 27 years ago…

Funny Divorce Memes Royal Family Meme

Let’s throw a Royal Family Meme into the mix…

Funny Divorce Memes Welcome To The 9 Figure Club

Welcome to the 12 Figure Divorcee club. My girlfriend’s got some hot girlfriends I can introduce you to!

Funny Divorce Memes First World Problem

How about some Broke AF memes that you can actually relate to instead?

Funny Divorce Memes Lawyers Win

The lawyers always win.

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Funny Divorce Memes Corona Victim

And to think this all started with a virus named after a beer

Funny Divorce Memes Down A Notch

Taken down a notch.

Funny Divorce Memes Life Lessons

Life lessons.

Funny Divorce Memes No You No You

You da man… no you da man…

Funny Divorce Memes Signs Were There

All the signs were there… she wanted an iPhone for Christmas… not a Windows phone.

Funny Divorce Memes All She Wanted For Christmas Was An Iphone

It’s for the kids.

Funny Divorce Memes Not Lonely

Looks like Bill Gates won’t be feeling lonely anytime soon…

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