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CoCase – Headphone Jack for iPhone 7

Do you remember when Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plush would no longer have a headphone jack? Those were dark days for some who love music like I do. Sure a Bluetooth set of pricy wireless headphones or ear pods can get the tunes streaming, but Bluetooth isn’t flawless. Luckily a bunch of tech geeks went right to work bringing the iPhone headjack back. One of those is the company iMCO, developers of the Cowatch, the first world’s Alexa-enabled smartwatch, and a Fitbit alternative known as the K4. Now iMCO has turned their sights to the headphone jack.


CoCase Adds the iPhone Headphone Jack Back

The answer to this nagging problem is the iMCO CoCase, a smart case with built-in 3.5 mm earphone jack for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, the CoCase isn’t merely a case, as the developers added more functionality for music lovers. The CoCase also features built-in music player control, with the ability to switch songs and adjust the volume right on the case. You’re able to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time, or just listen to music compared to other headphone jack-enabled cases on the market. Calls with earphone mics are supported with the CoCase so you won’t miss an important work call.

Cocase Colors

What to Expect with the CoCase

Several colors of the CoCase will be available: Matte Black, Navy Blue, Coral Green and Wine Red. All cases come feature the same matte and anti-slip surface to help you keep your phone secure. Because the CoCase will likely be used during intense workouts, the case has also been designed with anti-sweat protection. The entire design is super slim yet sleek enough to slide in your pocket or armband.

Cocase Control

Other companies have tried to bring back the iPhone 7 jack, most notably Fuze, but have failed. The exact shipping date of the CoCase hasn’t been announced, but the iMCO is taking emails for updates on their website. Their plans for the iPhone 8, which was recently unveiled in September, aren’t clear, though we can suspect that they’ll introduce a case for the 8 after the 7/7 Plus cases ship!



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