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Originally posted on January 22, 2017 @ 8:21 am

37 Hilarious Animal Pictures.

37 Hilarious Animal Pictures.

5 second rule.

I might not have a shotgun but I got teeth.

Gave into my desires.

Read my ears.

Hey there girlfriends!

Still waiting…

Who’s playing hard to get?

At least he made an effort.

Too late!

Furniture of the day.



Poker face fail.

Think I’ll stay and nap too.

No explanations please…

All mine!

Take me out NOW!

So slippy!

You givin’ me cake!?

Pitbull not amused.

He knows it.

You said the magic word!

Caught red handed.

Me… Hungry.

Dreams dashed.

I’m so proud.

I called dibs.

I got more for you right here!



This dog’s got brains.

Camouflage is my middle name.

Evil stink eye.


It wasn’t me.

I’m worried.

Don’t worry about me… I’m good.

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