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Machete Spatula – You Know You Want One

Do you like to BBQ? – Of course you do. Do you like machetes? – You love those too. – So it only makes sense that you would want a Machete Spatula right? With that being said, pretty much anyone who does a lot of BBQing should definitely have this spatula in his/her BBQ arsenal (along with this tactical chef’s apron). This amazing BBQ spatula is made out of quality stainless steel and even has a built in bottle opener. 

The Machete Spatula

Machete Spatula Pictures 002

Machete Spatula Pictures 003

Machete Spatula Pictures 001

Machete Spatula Pictures 004

  • PERFECT FOR ANY FOOD: Meat, fish, pancakes, eggs or any other grill-worthy food – the Machete Spatula can handle any grilling job.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: A soft grip wood handle and a lightweight build makes this Spatula super easy to use.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of stainless steel, this spatula will last forever with due care.
  • BOTTLE OPENER EDGE: Includes a bottle opener edge so that a drink is never even a step away and the barbecue is fun 100% of the time.

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