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Orbit Turntables

Vinyl is all of the rage, and I have to admit, there’s nothing like hearing a classic like The Wall or The White Album on vinyl. The crackles, the feel of the record in your hand, it’s an experience that digital just can’t deliver. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to digital music, and readily use 8tracks and Spotify, but I’ve also got two crates of records.

I’ve been using a cheap $8.00 yard sale record player for years, and while it does the job, it’s not the same premium audio quality I want. I’ve looked at the record turntables for a few months, and have finally narrowed down my wants to a U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable.

Uturn Blue

The Orbit is made and built in the USA, Boston to be exact. It’s described as a remarkably simple turntable that gets rid of the nonessentials and keeps everything you need for quality sound.

It’s also made to be quiet, so you hear the music and not the turntable. For instance, the exposed drive belt decouples from the motor from the cartridge, while the platter rides on an inverted main bearing so you hear less rumble and noise.  Not only is it made to deliver the best sound possible from your records, Orbit is also fully customizable.

Handcrafted just for you

Now let’s get into the customization, because U-Turn makes some sexy turntables. You have a couple of options for a U-Turn Orbit Turntable.

All of the below are available in white, black, green, blue or orange finishes, with the exception of the Orbit Custom and Orbit Special, which have wood finishes. All models have the option for a built-in pre-amp.

  • The Orbit Basic: Starts at $179, comes with an Audio-Technica cartridge, and features a MDF platter.  Cue lever sold separately.
  • Orbit Plus: Starts at $279, comes with an Ortofon cartridge, and features an acrylic platter. Cue lever sold separately.
  • Orbit Special: Starts at $459, comes with an Ortofon cartridge, and features an acrylic platter. The cue lever comes included.
  • Orbit Custom: Starts at $179, comes with a variety of cartridges corresponding to what you choose as your features, available in MDF or acrylic platter. Cue lever is optional.


No matter which model you purchase, the Orbit is ready to go once you take it out the box, plug it in, and lower the arm. It ships with a includes a dust cover, felt mat, and RCA cables. You can start playing your records immediately and judging by the looks of this one, you probably will want to. U-Turn offers a 2-year warranty for the turntable, and lifetime product support.

Uturn Setup

It looks like U-Turn takes great pride in their products, as they have a blog post with an extensive look at their manufacturing process. Good to know that these turntables are being built by audio professionals who care about the look and sound, as well as the durability, of their products.

As I haven’t placed by my order yet — I’m still deciding on colors, model — the photos are other audiophile turntables as shared on social media. Looks like I’m going to have a big decision — they all look so great!


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