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Originally posted on February 24, 2015 @ 3:19 am

Meet the Sealegs D-Tube and the UltraSkiff 360, two very unique and crazy boats.

So I just came across these two crazy fishing boats. And I want them. I have seen the Ultraskiff 360 before, but this is the first time I have seen the Sealegs D-Tube. After this check out how to launch your boat like a boss.

Made in New Zealand by Boat Manufacturer Sealegs, this 6.1m D-Tube is an amphibious craft designed for fishing (and/or Hunting)  in rugged conditions. What really makes this boat Badass is the motorized, retractable and steerable Three Wheel system. You can drive this beast from storage across whatever type of terrain you want straight into the water. When you get to the water, simply re-tract the wheels and float off like a normal boat. The Sealegs D-Tube comes with an 115HP 4-stroke Yamaha outboard motor, so it should be able to run pretty well.  The Recreational / Standard Sealegs Can be seen at the manufacturer’s Website HERE. This Camo Hunting Version, I  think is a custom job. You would have to contact the Boat Manufacturer  for more details about all that. BUT I did find it on some Russian Website HERE. Oh, and it costs over $100,000.

The Ultraskiff360 is a little one man Floating Disc. I don’t really feel like getting into all of the Technical Details, go look at their Website for all that. I’m just going to say this little thing looks Damn Awesome, and it is probably a blast to fish from. This one is like $1,400 without a Trolling Motor.

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