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A South Carolina woman heard strange noises coming from her attic. Instead of finding a raccoon or possum upstairs, the intruder turned out to be a man she had dated 12 years earlier! 

12. A Terrifying Nightmare 


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Tracy was a single mom with five kids living in Rock Hill, South Carolina, when the madness started. Noise and other signals had finally revealed the truth: that her ex was living in her attic! Tracy was in disbelief. 

11. A Threat Lurks  

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Life for Tracy was anything but easy. Even though some of her kids were adults, they all lived together to save money. However, the children loved Tracy and they all got along well. They were one big happy family who had no idea that a threat lurked under their own roof. 


10. Sounds in the Attic  

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One September day, Tracy noticed some noises coming from the attic. She thought it could be a burglar, but she was always careful about locking the windows and doors. Still, the family lived in a rough neighborhood and burglaries were common. 

9. No Evidence of a Break-In 


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Tracy checked out the situation and didn’t see evidence that anyone had broken into the house. She chalked the incident up to just being a little bit paranoid. She was a protective mom, so maybe she was just hyper-sensitive to potential threats. 

8. Just Her Imagination 


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However, Tracy soon found out it was not her imagination. The strange noises continued to randomly waft down from the attic. She checked with her kids to see if they had been playing around in the attic. They said no. The noises continued. 

7. A Raccoon 


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Tracy then came up with a theory that anyone would have assumed to be true: there was a wild animal upstairs. It wasn’t unusual for raccoons, mice, and rats to enter people’s houses. Since it was the weekend, Tracy decided to call Animal Control on Monday. But could it wait until Monday. 

6. Nails in the Ceiling 


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At 2:30 a.m. Tracy woke to a creaking sound in the attic. Then came thumping sounds on the floor. Tracy sat up in bed, noticing nails all over the floor. Suddenly she realized the nails were from the ceiling boards. Something was up there, and it was probably human. 

5. Sleepy 

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Tracy hid under the blanket and then fell asleep. When she awoke the next morning, she told her two oldest sons and her nephew about what she heard. The three men went to the attic to check things out. They had no idea what they were about to find.  

4. A Terrifying Discovery 

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The attic was covered with garbage and a terrible stench permeated the room. Soon the guys noticed a body sleeping in the corner. Then his eyes opened and he stared at the three men. They were all momentarily frozen. Then the man bolted from the room. He ran downstairs and out the door. That’s when Tracy realize that she knew him. 

3. 911 

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The family called the police, but the man was long gone. He was an occasional boyfriend of Tracy’s from over 12 years ago. He had a criminal history, so Tracy dumped him. He didn’t take no for an answer, stalking her and begging for another chance. Tracy thought he eventually moved to North Carolina but now he was back.  

2. A Criminal  

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The man had lived in the attic for several weeks. “He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit,” said Tracy. He had used plastic cups to urinate in, and reconfigured the air vents so he could spy on Tracey through the ceiling. It’s got me flabbergasted,” Tracy said. 

1. He Got Away 

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Police don’t know how he broke in, nor do they know where he is staying. As of right now he is still at large. Tracy needs him to be caught. Authorities know the man’s identity, but he has managed to evade them. For the time being, he remains at large. Days after he ran off, Tracy could have sworn she saw him lurking near her house, but cops found nothing. Meanwhile, she wants him caught. “I want him to be charged with it,” she said “It could be somebody else he does the same thing to, but she might not be so lucky.” 

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