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If you carry a multi-tool daily, might as well give the SOG Sync II Multi-Tool a try. I mean it’s a wearable belt buckle so why not?

Here is another one of those nifty toolkits that can come in handy in a sticky situation. SOG released version 2 of their iconic Multi-Tool Wearable Belt Buckle Kit for men and women who like to live on the edge. The company wanted to come up with something innovative and practically useful, unlike other conventional portable toolkits that usually break under stress.

The Sog Sync Ii Multitool Is Also A Wearable Belt Buckle. Price, Reviews And Where To Buy 303


Speaking of stress, I had ordered a Philips Screwdriver Kit recently. It had been lying dormant in my drawer until I needed to tighten a few screws on the hinges in my kitchen cabinet. The damn thing just broke off after 3rd or 4th rotation. Now, you might be wondering that my angle was wrong, or I was misusing the screwdriver, but that wasn’t the case. The point is that when you are ordering something along the lines of a “toolkit,” make sure that it works as advertised.

This, again, brings me to the subject of SOG Sync II Multi-Tool. The premise behind this toolkit was to introduce high-quality multiple tools, all within the comfort of a belt buckle. Now, here are two things that are worth mentioning:

  • The belt buckle does an exceptional job at keeping the pants on. However, the prong that’s supposed to maintain the toolkit intact unlocks randomly. Seeing that this was the revision 2 of the SOG multiset tools, I expected something better.
  • Among all the tools, the bottle opener is a bit of a cliché in my opinion. It has a small mouth, like one of those garden hoses, you know. If you are the kind of man who intends to open beer bottles or big alcohol bottles with this toolkit’s bottle opener, don’t do it. Most likely, it will inflict an injury, or the bottle’s neck will break off all of a sudden.

The Sog Sync Ii Multitool Is Also A Wearable Belt Buckle. Price, Reviews And Where To Buy 302

Having stated that, the SOG Sync II Multi-Tool is remarkably well made, and offers daily use tools within the blink of an eye. There is also a small blade that may not be a showstopper but can help during self-defense situations. The rest of the tools cover, corkscrews, bicycle screwdrivers, your standard pliers, etc.

The Sog Sync Ii Multitool Is Also A Wearable Belt Buckle. Price, Reviews And Where To Buy 301

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’ll give SOG a 3.9 rating. It is not too bad if you ask me. For average people who want a portable/ wearable multi-toolkit as a go-to solution, SOG Sync II Multi-Tool is an excellent choice. However, I wouldn’t advise it to professionals who are seriously considering using this toolkit as their primary product.


Chris Cashbaugh, director at SOG’s marketing department, recently said that the company wanted to revise certain features that needed more work in version 1 of this product. He also emphasized on the usability factor, stating that the new offerings in SOG Sync II Multi-Tool not only look traditional but are something that people can easily grow accustomed to using daily. While you are at it, don’t forget to take a look at SOG’s official products listing at the company’s website. They have a broad range of items ranging from knives, batons, and keyrings.

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