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With GlocalMe G4 You’ll Never Pay Roaming Fees Again

Glocalme G4

Wandering is on my mind as the COVID pandemic second wave is echoed around the world.  With extra time at home, why not plan ahead for when travel becomes normal again? As I look through the flights across the world. Will I backpack in Europe in 2022? Maybe spend a Summer in Argentina in 2023? I don’t know, but I do know I need to be connected when I do travel there.

The GlocalMe G4 Mobile Hotspot would be my go to choice to stay connected. The GlocalMe G4 Mobile Hotspot is a mobile  4G LTE Wifi device that doesn’t have roaming charges. It operates on a pay-as-you-go system so you can unlock fast wifi access throughout more than 100 countries. You can buy it now and only pay when you finally use it next year!

Wifi G

Let’s break down why I’m considering getting the Glocal Me for my excursions. First you can share the Wifi with up to 5 devices, so that covers everything I need in a pocket-sized device. The Wifi is automatically detected by switching to the fastest local internet. You purchase what you need per destination as you go.

Roaming charges are included in their plan fee so you will save you big in the long run. As for the actual hotspot, it’s a slim design with a nice bright 4-inch touch screen, a battery life of 15 hours and a weight of 240 g. Not bad, right? According to the manufacturer, you can expect up to 150 Mbps max upload speed and 50 mbps max download speed. There are also 2 SIM card ports for countries where the Glocalme G4 doesn’t cover, so you can buy a local data sim card to stay connected there and save.

The cost breakdown:

PAYG (pay-as-you-go):  0.05 euro / MB. Only pay for the exact amount of data you use. The maximum cost within 24 hours in a Single country is 10.00 euro.

Packages: There are 3 kinds of packages: individual packages for single country, multi-countries or regional packages, and global package.

For example:

“North American 1GB Data Pass in US,CA & MX”–12.00 euro

“Data Package 1GB – China,Japan,South Korea”–7.00 euro

The device works in nearly any country you could think of, with compatibility throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, and other areas . You must remember that the data quality is dependent on what networks are around you, but for the most part, the reviews are positive. When you get it, it comes with 1GB initial global data equals to 29.9 EUR.

Glocalme G4 Mobile 4G Internet Hotspot

A GlocalMe G4 Mobile Hotspot is currently $139.99  on Amazon and again, it comes with 1GB of global data with your purchase. 


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