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Underwater Bowfishing – I Am So Damn Impressed Right Now

So the guys from the TV Show Animal House Outdoors were out doing a bit of Carp Fishing, but the carp apparently wouldn’t bit on anything. So obviously the next step was to try and catch some with the bow. That too failed. So when all else has failed what do you do next? How do you get those carp? With Underwater Bowfishing. That’s how.

I’m not going to lie, I was impressed when it actually worked…. These guys just grabbed a ground blind, filled it with rocks, chopped off the top, and hopped right in.  To my surprise the compound bows shot just fine underwater, and they were able to get one of those stupid carp.

Histories first documented fish shot underwater with compound bow.
Chip City, Meb Crungle and Mr Serious build an underwater blind and shoot carp like never seen before. this is a short clip from the cult classic television show Animal House which aired on the sportsman channel in 2012.

I hate carp. I hate carp Fishing. But Underwater Bowfishing is a sport I could definitely get into. Especially if there is Beer involved.

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