29 Even More Funnier Quotes -

29 Even More Funnier Quotes Gotta take it easy. Doctor’s orders.

Let’s just cut corners, shall we?

They need to know it because you needed to know it. I racked my brain for you.
Who am I kidding, I’d eat it anyhow.

What a fun time adulting is.And hopefully not dropping the book on my face.

Well experienced.

Do I have? Sometimes.  Don’t forget the wine corks!
Like, have you tasted food?

And sugar.

I trick myself.

It moves at a slow pace otherwise.There’s no documentation.

Don’t be raisins, be chocolate.

So right. 

It’s just my face, I promise.

Are these “fancy jeans”?

It’s so caffeine.

Read it and brew it!

Trade your Pokemon cards?

We are very entertaining, yes.

No one needs to know I was at Walmart.

And what did vodka say?

It’s just too much.

No doubt.