35 Memes You’ll Relate To If You’re Hella Lazy -

31 Memes You’ll Relate To If You’re Hella Lazy


  1. Wait… this is a thing?
  2. There’s a fee included, too.
  3. Lol but actually.
  4. *Eternal Sigh*
  5. Omg it’s fate.
  6. Honestly, truly.
  7. Why yes, my summer was eventful.
  8. Success!
  9. *Shoves Hot Cheetos in mouth*
  10. WHY GOD WHY.
  11. It’s also unlikely that anyone will speak.
  12. True story.
  13. #staywoke…
  14. Just like… be more considerate.
  15. I’d like really appreciate it.
  16. Like, I didn’t choose this.
  17. And I’m not even impressed with myself tbh.
  18. A+
  19. It was glorious, truly glorious.
  20. Let’s be real we both know it’s never going to happen.
  21. All summer sixteen.
  22. Nailed it.
  23. So grateful.
  24. Including becoming a dog.
  25. Send help.
  26. Don’t even think about leaving a voicemail.
  27. I just really need a break, you know?
  28. Honestly it’s just way too much pressure.
  29. Stage 5 – didn’t wake up for class.
  30. Yeah, for sure.
  31. Proud of you!