This Adorable Baby Hippo is Making Friends with Everyone at the Cincinnati Zoo -

15. Fiona the Happy Hippo

Image: WCPO

If you’re looking to have your heart completely stolen by cuteness, then meeting little Fiona the Hippo is going to melt you into a puddle on the floor. Born six weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, this little hippo has proven that just because you’re tiny doesn’t mean you can’t be mighty!

14. A Tiny Little Bundle of Joy


When Fiona was born, she weighed only 29 pounds, which is super small for a newborn hippo (most weigh between 55-120 pounds at birth). The caretakers at the zoo were concerned from the start and worried that Fiona would not survive. Thankfully, she showed them how much strength she had and celebrated turning six months on July 24th! Happy half birthday Fiona!

13. Around the Clock Care

Image: NBC4

Due to being born so early, Fiona received care 24/7 right after her birth. The local children’s hospital even pitched in when the poor baby became dehydrated and provided assistance with putting in an IV. Fiona had a whole community rooting for and she didn’t let them down!

12. Stronger than Yesterday

Image: WCPO

As the days turned to weeks, little Fiona continued to grow stronger. Not only did she put on weight, but she also began to swim, something her caretakers wanted her to learn early.

11. Ain’t Misbehavin’

Image: Metro

Fiona also picked up some bad habits, and learn real quick that biting her caretakers was a big “no no.” Thankfully, her biting antics were quite harmless. Personally, we’d love to have a baby hippo nibble.

10. Social Media Star

Image: Cincinnati Zoo Blog

As Fiona’s story grew in popularity, she quickly became a social media sensation. Everyone wanted to know more about the little hippo bringing so much joy to Cincinnati.

9. An Inspiration to All

Image: WCPO

Fiona’s story also inspired the zoo’s director, Thane Maynard, to write a children’s book about her adventures. The book titled “Saving Fiona: Science, Social Media & the Story of a Baby Hippo” will be released in 2019. Can we pre-order it now?

8. So Popular

Image: USA Today

When Fiona made her first public appearance at the Cincinnati Zoo it was obvious why she was so popular. Her personality just exudes pure joy 24/7. She loves to blow bubbles and interact with the guests daily.

7. Underwater Dance Moves

Image: USA Today

Fiona also has a favorite move, which we’ve nicknamed “the roll” where she likes to roll along the bottom of her habitat’s tank. We can see this becoming a new dance move, can’t you? All right everybody, it’s time to do the Fiona!

6. Sassy and Classy

Image: Mark Dumont

It seems Fiona knows she’s popular. Even the fish in her tank seem obsessed with her. As you can see, she’s like “I’m sassy and I know it!”

5. Separated from Family

Image: WCPO

During Fiona’s rehabilitation, she was separated from her parents in order to ensure she had the best care possible. Of course, she missed them terribly, but thankfully the time had come for a reunion of adorable proportions.

4. A Happy Family Reunion

Image: WCNX

At six months of age, Fiona was finally reunited with her parents. As you can see the reunion went very well. Look at Fiona showing off for her mom and dad! Those look like two very proud parents to us!

3. Watch Me Mama!

Image: WCPO

Fiona particularly enjoys getting extra feisty with her mother. She loves to show her mama what a diva she is. Her mother doesn’t seem to mind though; it’s just a great part of Fiona’s outgoing personality.

2. Can You Believe it’s the Same Fiona?

Image: Cincinnati Enquirer

Recently, Fiona hit a new milestone and weighed in at a whopping 421 pounds! It’s crazy to think this little girl was only 29 pounds six months ago. However, due to love, care and a strong will to overcome any obstacle, Fiona is now thriving way better than her caretakers could ever have hoped for.

1. Wearing Her Rolls Proudly

Image: Fox25Boston

She’s even added on a few new neck rolls. Wear them as a badge of you cute hippo! You’ve earned each and every one! We definitely think it’s time to take a mini-vacation to Cincinnati for some hippo-loving goodness!

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