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10 Funny AF News Headline Memes For This Sunday

1. Tom Brady Football Card Auctioned for Millions

Tom Brady Signed Football Card Sold For Millions Meme

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2. Queen Welcomes US President

Queen Welcomes Presidents Meme

Find out more about this development here.

3. Nigerians Can Be Prosecuted for Tweet

Nigerians Can Be Prosecuted For Tweet Meme

Read all about this unbelievable news.

4. G7 Agree on Minimum Tax

G7 Agree On Minimum Tax Meme

Curious to know more? We’ve got the latest here.

5. Vaccinations Likely to Fall Short of Biden’s Goal

Falling Short On Vaccination Goals

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6. Bank of America Stops Covering GameStop

Bank Of America Stops Covering Gamestop Meme

Satisfy your curiosity and read how this happened.

7. Japan has Record Low Birthrate

Japan Record Low Birthrate Meme

Interested to get more info on this story? Check this out.

8. Air France Flight Evacuated

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Air France Flight Evacuated Meme

Find the latest on this story and more.

9. Squids Launched into Space

Squids In Space

Get the full story right here.

10. Martian Clouds Like Earth

Mars Clouds Like Earth Meme

We’ve got all the details on this story for you.

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