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10 Funny News Headline Memes for Saturday

1. First Tropical Storm of the Season

First Tropical Storm Meme

Find out all the details here.

2. Driving a $4 Million Car

Bugatti 4 Million Dollar Car Meme

Check out the whole story right now.

3. McDonald’s Gets Hacked

Mcdonalds Hack Meme

Get up to date info on this story.

4. Peru Election Too Close to Call

Peru Election Too Close To Call Meme

Be informed about this story now.

5. On-air Gaffe in Namibia

Namibia On Air Gaffe

Get up to speed with this conversation starter.

6. US Russia Relations Frosty

Usa Russia Bad Relations Meme

We have all the latest details here.

7. Humpback Whale Spits Out Diver

Humpback Whale Spits Out Diver Meme

Find out the details of this event now.

8. Lumber Prices go “Timber!”

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Lumber Prices Fall Meme

Get up to date with all the details here.

9. Iranian Navy Discovers Atlantic

Iranians Reach Atlantic Meme

Find out everything you need to know now.

10. Norway to Experiment on Whales

Norway Whale Experiment Meme

Satisfy your curiosity and read on.

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