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11 Must-Make DIY Homemade Soaps

Brighten your bathroom with this DIY project: amazing colorful gemstone soaps in the fragrance of your choice!



These cupcake bath bombs will add color and fragrance to your tub, and they look just like the real thing!



Easy, fun and fragrant, these DIY popsicle soaps are great even in winter.



Keep your skin nice and smooth with a delicious-smelling DIY strawberry skin scrub made with real strawberries.



In just 10 minutes, you can make these adorable DIY pineapple mini soaps!



Just imagine how fragrant and romantic these floating soap petals will be in your bathtub.



Summer or winter, these watermelon soaps are too amazing not to make!


Gorgeous as a rose and as colorful as the movie that inspired them, these Disney DIY Beauty and the Beast bath bombs are lovely.



This homemade star-studded unicorn soap is bright and sparkly — would be a great party favor.



Want fizz and color? Make these DIY rainbow truffle soaps


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