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13 Amazing IKEA Hacks to DIY Ikea Hacks - Fancy Shelf


Turn a boring shelf into a sleek industrial piece with this IKEA hack

Ikea Hack - Paint Laminate Ikea Furniture

Ikea furniture can’t be painted like other pieces, so learn how to properly paint and hack IKEA pieces

Ikea Hack - Kitchen Island


Make an amazing island or craft table with this quick IKEA hack

Ikea Hack - Rustic Bookshelf

How about an industrial bookshelf? Make it by IKEA hacking the Ekby brackets

Ikea Hack - Rabbit Home

IKEA hacks aren’t just for humans, because they can be appreciated by animals too. Check out this two-level rabbit hutch.

Ikea Hack - Stylish Liquor Cabinet

A few tweaks and you can make the IKEA Kallax into a bar.

Ikea Hack - Wheeled Utility Worktop

Would you believe this island started out as two IKEA bookcases?

Ikea Hack - Platform Bed With Storage

Who knew the IKEA kitchen cabinets could become such a cool platform bed with storage?

Ikea Hack - Victorian Style Coffee Table Ottoman

Wow, this is a great way to make an ottoman-coffee table with an IKEA hack

Ikea Hack - Lego Table

Never lose a LEGO again with IKEA hacks that help organize kids toys like this LEGO table!

Ikea Hack - Kids Play Table

Or how about a DIY light table?

Ikea Hack - Laptop Table

Have a spot for your laptop on the couch or loveseat by making this IKEA hack laptop table out of a favorite piece, the FROSTA

Ikea Hacks - Farmhouse Coffee Table

Get a chic Fixer Upper style farmhouse coffee table with an IKEA hack


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