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Game and Write in Peace with Ultimate Lapdesk Kneestation

Working on a laptop is great when it’s at the table, but on your lap? Not so much. After awhile, my back is aching and I’m uncomfortable with a lapdesk. Most lapdecks use the bean bag bottom, which may be squishable but can also grow hot coupled with the heat of the laptop. Kneestation Lap Table is a solution to this and it’ll probably change the way you game, write or surf while on the couch or in a chair.


Kneestation is literally designed for the knees and total comfort. Designed by French designer Charles Plassard, it’s made to free you from confining tables. Plassard says he designed it for himself first, and then decided to make it available for purchase, because it’s handy not only for computers but also for eating. The design is more stable than the bean bag bottom lapdesks because it stays in place. You’ll also find that it’s more comfortable as well, because it’s ergonomically designed to let you use the computer for hours while your thighs protected from the device’s heat.

Lapdesk For Food

The whole thing is made of an acrylic so you can wipe it clean of spills. Non-slip silicone pieces keep your devices steady and handy so you don’t have to grip for dear life, either. Kneestation has been designed to allow for proper ventilation for the laptop, and also has a wide surface for non-computer activities, such as eating or drawing measuring 16.9″ L x 12.5″ W x 2.36″ H.

I found the Kneestation on UncommonGoods, but there’s a few more options over at the designer’s website. There, he gives you the option to purchase the following:


This version features an acrylic white vinyl wood and matte black acrylic tray. White anti-slip silicone set included.


Shiny white acrylic base with glossy white acrylic top. White anti-slip silicone set included.


The base features an acrylic white vinyl wood and matte black acrylic tray. White anti-slip silicone set included.

Each version is available in a “female” or “male” body shape, so check the diagram before ordering. You can also choose from two different tray sizes (28 x 31 cm and 43.5 x 32 cm)

Lapdesk For Work

You can also add the Unitab, another invention by the designer, to the  Lapdesk Kneestation. It’s a “versatile tablet holder made entirely of aluminum.”

Beware, the prices for the Kneestation and Unitab at the store are in Euro so be sure you do the correct calculations for price.

If you want to buy the version in US dollars from, it will run you $100.





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