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Fatboy Lamzac – Original Inflatable Lounger

Are you lazy? Do you like nothing more than lounging around no matter where you are? You’re in lucky, because FatBoy understands your needs. They’ve created the Lamzac the Original Inflatable Lounger, a portable lounger so you can lounge anywhere. Lamaze is an indoor and outdoor longer that’s made for the person who likes to relax. It’s perfect for tailgating, trips to the beach, outdoor concerts, and movies in the park, among other events.

Fatboy Lamzac

The Lamzac Lounger Lets You lounge Anywhere

If you’re like me, you probably think that even an inflatable lounger can be a drag to lug anywhere, but nope, we’re wrong. The Lamzac weighs just 1.2 kilos (2.6 lbs) and can be inflated in minutes. It comes in its own lightweight bag, ideal for toting on camping, hiking or skiing trips.

You have your choice of a variety of colors for the Lamzac, each with their own corresponding color bag: blue, black, camo, orange, purple, aqua, olive green, red. Patterned versions of the Lamzac are also available featuring Hawaii floral motifs.

It’s easy to inflate the Lamzac, and it requires no extra air pump. As demonstrated in the company’s YouTube video, you just open the bag, let it inflate by moving it swiftly, then close the seal.

All that comes next is you just relaxing on your own private lounger. I’ve spent too many outdoor events sitting on cold wet ground or having to stand for lack of a place to sit, so I can easily see this being put to use year-round.

Lamzac Portable

When you’ve had your fill of lounging (though, who could?), you simply deflate the Lamzac and get on your way. Constructed with a durable waterproof fabric, a high-quality nylon ripstop, it can accommodate up to 440 lbs, perfect as a two-person sofa, or as a one-person lounger.

Unfolded the Lamzac measures 78.7 x 35.4 x 19.7 inches.  The fabric also features dirt and moisture repellent features, so you only need to clean the lounger with lukewarm water and neutral soap when needed.

Fatboy Lamzac Mountains

Fatboy USA’s website depicts the Lamzac being used in a variety of ways, including in the cold temperatures of a ski resort so you can rest assured it will hold up to the  harshest of weather. Fatboy’s European company has been around for over 15 years and offers several lounging products including bean bags, pet beds, hammocks, ottomans and more. Other inflatable loungers are available for sale across the web, however, Fatboy created the original and stands by their products.

Currently you can buy the Lamzac for $39.99 from Fatboy USA; shipping is promised within 48 hours. You can also get it from Amazon. The company also offers Canadian distribution through Nuline Distribution. Fatboy USA’s website also features a list of USA stores where you can purchase their products, with locations in Ohio, Kansas, Indiana, Florida, California and more so it should be pretty easy to get your hands on a Lamzac so you too can lounge in style anywhere, anytime.


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