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20 Unbelievable Photos That Are Both Insane And Horrifying

20. No, I Don’t Want a Hug

Unbelievable Photos  Goat Hug

Image: history saint

Here’s the thing…goats don’t make for great pets. In fact, there horns have been known to cause some serious damage if they hit you with enough force. Sadly, this young woman found out the hard way…don’t mess with the goat.

19. Bears Are Not Your Friends

Unbelievable Photos  Bearly Escaped

Image: omg lane

It’s important to remember that when you’re hiking in the woods, it’s wild territory. And when it comes to bears, you better believe they are at the top of the food chain. This unfortunate hiker snapped this photo of a black bear prior to it attacking. Honestly, we wouldn’t be sticking around for a photo op.

18. Cute or Terrifying?

Unbelievable Photos  Rude To Point

Image: omg lane

Ducks are known for their sweet demeanor, but get too close and well…this girl learned the hard way they have quite the bite. Yes, this duck tried to take a chunk out of her nose after this photo was taken.

17. Surfer vs. Shark

Unbelievable Photos  Surfing Companion

Image: life hack

Surfer Mick Fanning was competing in a surfing competition when unbeknownst to him a shark decided to sneak into his territory. After this photo was taken, the shark attacked. Thankfully, Fanning was able to get away and onto a coast guard boat in time. Too close to call, we say.

16. Down, Kitty!

Unbelievable Photos  Sitting Duck

Image: omglane

This worker was attempting to bring this jaguar back into the sanctuary where it was being kept. Unfortunately, the jaguar had other plans and attacked the unsuspecting worker. Attempts were made to tranquilize the animal, but in the end it had to be euthanized.

15. Don’t Look Behind You

Unbelievable Photos  Eye For An Eye

Image: omg lane

You may not realize it, but hunters put their lives on the line whenever they go out searching for big game. This unfortunate duo has no idea that an angry black bear is out for revenge after the death of a fellow bear. While the hunters got away, it could have ended quite differently.

14. Who’s Stalking Who?

Unbelievable Photos  Thanks For Doing The Hardwork

Image: history saint

The hunter stalks the deer, and the mountain lion stalks the hunter. While we don’t know if the mountain lion attacked the hunter, one of the big hazards of night hunting is there may be something else hunting as well.

13. Run, Piggy, Run!

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Unbelievable Photos  Pig Doing The Huffing

Image: omg lane

Wild boars are NOT sweet and cuddly pigs. They are known for attacking hunters and can be very aggressive. You won’t believe how much damage they can do with their tusks. This hunter found out the hard way. You better RUN, sir.

12. Gator – 1, Cop – 0

Unbelievable Photos  Get Down On The Floor Now

Image: omg lane

You may think this photo is funny, but the truth is alligators can be quite dangerous if they go on the offense. This cop was placed in quite the precarious position because the hide of an alligator is quite thick and bullets could struggle to penetrate the hide.

11. A Killer Belly Flop

Unbelievable Photos  Belly Flop Death From Above

Image: omg lane

Whale watching is one of the more popular tourist attractions nowadays, but it does come with its own fair share of danger. This whale decided to breach right next to this fishing vessel and landed right on top of it. While the men on the boat escaped unscathed, the boat was pretty much a goner.

10. Great White Terror

Unbelievable Photos  Playing With Fire

Image: omg lane

Sadly, when you play with sharks sometimes you end up bit. When this documentary crew for Shark Men chummed the water, a large shark attacked and ripped off one of the legs of the crew. He ended up dying from blood loss in a very tragic state of affairs.

9. A Young Surfing Tragedy

Unbelievable Photos  Tragedy Strikes

Image: life hack lane

This photo of young Elio Canestri was taken moments before a shark grabbed him off his board. At the young age of 13, Elio was a rising star in the surfing spectrum, but that day he chose to surf in an off-limits area. The shark bit him on the stomach and ripped both of his arms off before a rescue boat arrived. He died at the scene.

8. Don’t Fight With Your Husband

Unbelievable Photos  Panther Breaks Up Couples Fight

Image: omg lane

In this horrific surveillance footage, a woman gets in a fight with her husband when driving through a wild life preserve. She gets out of the car, only to be dragged away by a tiger. The mother-in-law immediately rushes to her aid, but is killed by the large predator.

7. One Swift Motion

Unbelievable Photos  Crikey

Image: omg lane

This is the last photo of Steve Irwin alive before his tragic death when he was killed by a sting ray. The beloved Crocodile Hunter had been filming a new special when a spooked sting ray struck him in the chest and the barb pierced his heart.

6. The Tilikum Tragedy

Unbelievable Photos  Killer Whale

Image: omg lane

Tilikum the whale caused two deaths and a variety of other injuries when he was alive at Sea World. This photo shows the whale dragging a trainer under the water, refusing to let go. Another trainer tragically died in the same manner.

5. What Happens in Vegas…is Deadly

Unbelievable Photos  Sigfried

Image: omg lane

Siegfried and Roy are best known for their magic act in Las Vegas and the white tigers are the highlight of the event. Unfortunately, this tiger would go on to maul Roy, leaving him partially paralyzed and with scars he will keep with him forever.

4. Fatal Attraction

Unbelievable Photos  Once Bitten Twice Dead

Image: omg lane

In this photo snapped before a snake charming act goes completely wrong, infamous charmer Ali Khan Samsudin was performing with a cobra as usual. Unfortunately, this cobra decided to attack the man, fatally poisoning him. Talk about high-risk employment.

3. Close Encounters of the Lion Kind

Unbelievable Photos  Not Lion About It

Image: history saint

While lions are majestic creatures, they are best observed not interacted with. Unfortunately, this man decided to get a little too close and this lion brutally attacks him after this photo.

2. Elephants Aren’t All That Friendly

Unbelievable Photos  Elephant Behaving Badly

Image: buzzcall

Elephants are usually seen as gentle creatures, but believe us when we say they have a mean streak. As you can see, this safari vehicle got in the way of this elephant and he ain’t having it!

1. The Running of the Bulls

Unbelievable Photos  Grabbing Death By The Horns

Image: ib times

This photo depicts a runner just moments away from being gorged by a bull during the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain. A popular event, it can also end quite badly for the humans involved.

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