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These Are 20 of the Weirdest or Dumbest Questions Ever Asked on Quora and Yahoo Answers
Quora My Mind

In a Stephen King book.



Yahoo Catnip

Just tell her to put down the nip.



Yahoo Call MeHe’s married.



Quora Throws Party Ignore it? 



Quora Boyfriend That may be the answer.



Yahoo Mermaid Spell

Oh kids.



Quora Jazz Communism

The person who wrote the answer did a great job. 



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Yahoo Rainbow Trout

“Are you a fish?” 



Yahoo Spoke American WHY?!



Quora Hide

See a doctor?




Quora Treat My Mom Oedipus, that you?



Quora Horses

Let’s get our greatest scientists on this.



Yahoo 18 Hour




Yahoo Break Thumb Kids are great.



Yahoo SwallowedMaybe his mom should have practiced Safe sex.



Yahoo Toilet Paper The maple leaves!



Yahoo Credit Card

This definitely qualifies as a life fail.



Quora Stalker Um.



Quora Banana

They need answers!



Quora Believe Nigerian Sure.



Yahoo WidowedRun.



Yahoo More Files


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