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22 Super Funny Quotes

Quote Adult

I guess I was wrong, and will need to get the crayons out now.



Quote Badinbed

He needs to know.



Quote Cops

So here we are….and I’m on the lam.



Quote Faintinggoats Think of how much fun it would be to watch.



Quote Gangsta

Just take that time, and get your self together to be a star.



Quote Getmyshit Me, forever. 



Quote Imtoooldforthisshit I understand the grizzled old cops who used to utter this in 1980’s movies



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Quote Itsamazing

Elaine from Seinfeld would agree with this quote.



Quote Lavidabroka The less sexier version of the wild life.



Quote Mistakes At least I know now.



Quote Motherfuckers Keep them in line.



Quote Multitasking And then fixing it…and ruining it all again.



Quote Opinion The lost commandment!



Quote Shit So get rid of that shit!




Making you think they’re fine chocolate but nope.



Quote Stillhappy Just watch away… I’ll be here living life.



Quote Stillnowhere They’re just get you nowhere.



Quote Trampoline And later, life.



Quote Diagnosing

It’s gonna take a while though.



Quote Bitchnachos Going to walk right out of here.



Quote NikesI thought these things were going to be magic.



Quote Wifistrong

I’ll be lost without you.

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