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Originally posted on August 20, 2017 @ 9:34 pm

25 Funny Memes for 80’s and 90’s Kids

Don, why the heck did every character die? It seems that every movie features at least one death — come on man, Disney is sad enough.

Chuck E. Cheese and his “band” probably harvested souls in their spare time.

Not to mention the very crude rendition of these characters. I mean, they look like their faces shrank or melted or something. And the smock was the worst!

Put Dr. Mario game in. It doesn’t play. Eject. Blow in it. Put it in again. Success!

Ring toss took many of my hours as a kid. It seems like just when you got in one spot..the others fell off!

To this day, if someone has “Take a look,” you probably think “its in a book!”

Dude, it had five songs!

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, they built playground structures out thick steel that burned your hands, and let you suspend yourself way above the ground. Those were the days.

You forgot calling the DJ to request the song or wait for the top 10 to get your track!

The days before “anti-skip” were dark days.

Mom, there’s a kink in the cord and my life is OVER!

It doesn’t matter if it’s some boring movie about bread, we don’t have to do work!

There’s so many posters and why did my blu-tac fail?!

I got Minesweeper and pinball, I’m so set.

Mom, get off the phone!

Come on, Gary, push the key faster

Your friend wanted to get you a message? They had to write it down and pass it. Woe be to us if the teacher caught it first!

And often the movie store only had a limited number of VHS, so if you got there too late, oh well!


Which is the best color and design for my report on the lifecycle of ants? Which says “A paper.”

Mom handed me a funsaver, and 20 months later, we finally remembered to develop it. I can’t even remember these pictures.

OMG, remember Pogs?! Showing up to school with 15 pogs then leaving with 50 dogs and a slammer, because you were that good.

These were the only pills I needed. Beautiful Pez full of sugar and color dye.

Why doesn’t it look like the picture? God, it’s so grody! Cher Horowitz didn’t have a crappy chair like this.

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