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23 Funny Fall Animal Pictures That Are So Cute You’ll Smile

Cute Fall Animal Pictures  Cat Cuddling With Leaf

He’s cuddling with the leaves.

Funny Fall Animals  Retriever Lying In Fall Leaves With Matching Scarf

All he needs is a pumpkin spice latte and he’s fall-ready.

Funny Fall Animal Memes  Nothing Says Disappointment Like This Black Lab

His expression of disappointment makes for the perfect template for funny fall animal memes. 

Funny Fall Animal Pictures  Cat Submarining In Leaves

This cat is a MODEL.

Cute Fall Animal Images  Hedgehog Curled Up In Leaves

If you’re looking for cute fall animal wallpaper, this one’s gotta be it! See more cute hedgehogs here.

Funny Fall Animal Pictures  Fox Lying On Leaves Playfully

For fox sake, let’s play in the leaves.

Funny Fall Animal Images  Cat Stalking A Leaf

That leaf is a goner.

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Funny Fall Animal Memes  Squirrel In Leaves Ready To Discuss Terms

A squirrel in a pile of leaves makes for a funny fall animal picture. This one looks like he’s ready to discuss terms for surrendering his cache of nuts.

Cute Fall Animal Images  Bunny In A Pile Of Leaves

There’s an A-BUN-DANCE of leaves in this funny fall animal pic.

Cute Fall Animal Pics  Otter In Leaf Pile

“You otter get another leaf pile”, said the cute fall loving animal in this picture.

Cute Fall Animals Wallpaper  Leaf Diving Dog

He finds your lack of leaf pile jumping repugnant.

Funny Fall Animal Pics  Did This Horse Fall Or Is The Horse Playing Because It'S Fall

Did the horse fall? Or has fall landed on the horse? This funny fall animal pic tells many stories!

Funny Fall Animal Images  Otter Playing Peekaboo

I can see some Jedi mind trick memes being made from this funny fall animal picture.

Cute Fall Animal Images  Picture Definition Of Excitement

Already a funny fall animal meme template here!!

Funny Fall Animal Images  Chocolate Brown Lab Catching Ball And Leaf

Very cute picture of a brown lab falling over in fall leaves.

Funny Fall Animal Pictures  This Lion Cub Is Learning To Repel Attacks From Above

The King is ready to roll in some leaves.

Funny Fall Animal Memes  Dog Tapping Hind Ankles In Joy

Just a leaf on the wind.

Funny Fall Animal Images  Dog Looking Up At Tree Wondering If There Are More Leaves Coming

Clearly wants you to pick up and throw some leaves.

Funny Fall Animal Memes  Dog Attacking Falling Leaves

This is probably the best example of funny fall animal pictures in of our collection!

Funny Fall Animal Pictures  Dog Finding It Funny To Be Lying In Leaves

Never miss the pupportunity to jump into some leaves.

Funny Fall Animal Memes  Husky Giving A You Know You Want To Look

He know you’re about to join him.

Cute Fall Animals Wallpaper  You Know Halloween Is Coming When You See A Black Cat In A Pile Of Leaves

You know halloween is coming when you see a fall animal picture with a black cat and a pile of leaves… Spooky.

Funny Fall Animal Images  Cat Surfacing After Some Leaf Diving

Get your own pile of leaves.

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