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30 Funny, Adorable, and Cute Animals That Will Hopefully Ease the Burn of the Week
Animal Be Yourself


Animal Cat SeatFalling!
Animal Didnt Get funny…wait.
Animal Door BellDogs losing it in 3, 2, 1..
Animal Feed KennyBut Kenny needs food!
Animal Give Me FoodSo does this panda.
Animal How DoingYeah, how are ya?

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Animal Lazy DogWanna fight?
Animal Munch PaintingA classic.
Animal Purr PendicularA purrfect example.
Animal Ran AwayTook a selfie for you.
Animal Ted TalkMOVE.
Animal When FightingEverything’s all good.
Animal When SomeoneWhoa!
Animal Cat QuestAnswer it.
Animal Cats SheepsMultiple cats on sheeps.
Animal BlepThat’s all I needed to see.
Animal Smoosh BubbleHe smoosh it good.
Animal Kid ChickenFriends.
Funny Leave For WorkStay here!
Funny Soft Purring SweaterPurr.
Funny Lizard Party HatAdorable!
Funny Elephant OtterWho wouldn’t love otters?
Funny Brought ReinforcementsFeed!
Funny Angry BetaAn exact replica.
Funny Run Over GrandmaLet’s go!
Funny Tuna FishPuns.
Funny Windows Screen SaverThey’re just there.
Funny Black Cat EvilThat one is evil.
Funny Lay DownBut he doesn’t want to.

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