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30 Funny Daylight Savings Meme Because We Know You’re Dragging
Day Dabsorb

Let’s get back to business.

Day Spring Infinity


Day Any More Hours


Day Thought Bill

Now there’s an idea.

Day Bedtime Trickery

Best of luck, parents.

Day Aliens


Day After Changeover

Nooo. So tired.

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Day Hate It Spring

Fall back is the best.

Day Middle Of Night

A madman.

Day Late You Ll Be

Get going.

Day Brace Yourself

We all hate it.

Day Coffee Got Me

It’s the only way to make it through.

Day Monday After


Day Hates You

Give it!

Day Time Travel


Day Not Sure Adjust

Am I late? Am I early?

Day Steals My Sleep

How. Dare. You.

Day Be Correct


Day How Doy U Feel

Not good.

Day Everybody Loses

How could you?

Day Said No Parent

No one!

Day Make No Sense

You really don’t.

Day Light Activities

That’s the only good part.

Day Holiday

It would really help.

Day Love March

I change my mind!

Day Raise Hand

Every year.

Dahy They Lied

Such a lie.

Day Venti

Need that caffeine!

Day Dont Have Sleeping 1

See, I’m safe.

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