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Originally posted on August 9, 2017 @ 9:26 am

30 Must-Read Funny Quotes for Wine Time


I just need…1,000 more corks. Yep, going to be a great project.

Okay, sure, but how much?

Yes to both. Especially the money, because then I can buy wine.

It’s a reflection of who I really am.

Just to be safe, you know. It could be there!

Don’t you want me to be a morning person? Then solve this issue.

It’s a simple 4-step process that I’m going to follow shortly.

Better luck next time!

It’s important to know your vintages and have the right terminology for the wine.

But I drank them clean empty. See? I wasn’t lying.

That’s it. It’s moderation.

How about some more wine?

And with those words, I’m yours!

There has to be one somewhere.

Think of all the wine I’ll get to drink over the years.

Or Tuesday..or..Wednesday..or now?

Maybe I should stop saying it, and just buy more wine.

Right? You keep pinning cute things and Instant Pot, but where’s our homemade wine?!

Or now.

The sequel: I got the wine. I’m happy. The end.

Hmm, this is the type of personality test I like.

I guess I’ll just wait here until the wind blows over.

Enjoy the trip!

I’m not picky though. The first or second is fine.

Either way, it mentions wine and I’m taking it.

That’s what I am too for discovering this.

They both start with W, but only one is good.

Yoga pants. Happy. Sleep.

Come on, you know you thought of the million dollars!

So much wine. 100% chance of empty bottles.

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