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30 Sign Fails That Will Make You do a Double Take
Mcdonalds Sign Fail  Offering You To Order 3 Ways Online

Quite the family atmosphere.

Warning Sign Fail  Erection In Progress

They knew what they did.

Road Sign Fail  Confusion


Advertising Sign Fail  Abortion Best Decision Ever

What an off placement.

Sticker Fail  Volkswagen Powered By Kfc

That seems like an interesting combination.

Dental Practice Sign Fail  Cum Therapy

What therapy?!

Election Sign Fail  Reerect Sheriff

Well, he certainly will get attention.

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For Sale Sign Fail  Used Cows


Mall Sign Fail  Lsd The Beginning Of Something Wonderful


Hotel Sign Fail  Big Dick'S Halfway Inn Resort

You know they get stopped a lot.

Wendy'S Sign Fail  Need Heavyset Consumers


Safety Notice Fail  Do Not Board Bus Once Drive Has Closed Doors


London Drugs Sign Fail  Do Drugs

Change the bulbs.

Safety Banner Fail  Up Yours Too

Hmm, proofread that next time.

Neon Sign Fail  Cock Cock Cock


Book Store Sign Fail  Crapbooks

Stay away from that store.

Wendy'S Sign Fail  Our Secret Ingredient Is Our People Now Hiring

Wendy’s is people!

Park Sign Fail  People Are Eating Children In This Area

Don’t eat children.

Starbucks Sign Fail  Sucks Coffee

Does what to coffee?

Construction Sign Fail  Provides A Free Drug &Amp; Alcohol Work Environment


Harmons Supermarket Sign Fail  Harm Your Neighborhood Grocer

Or don’t.

Popeyes Sign Fail  Jalapenis Chicken Poopers

Someone got bored.

Shell Gas Station Sign Fail  Hell

Yes, gas stations are often hell.

Bare Feet Shoes Sign Fail  Bare Feet Hoes

And kids are included!

Cash Register Sign Fail  Penis Broken Use Finger

That’s a stretch.

Glasses Shop Sign Fail  Best Asses

They’re proud.

Wendy'S Sign Fail  Try Our Girl Chicken

Um.. no.

Road Sign Fail  One Way

Which way?

Flooring Sign Fail  Stick Men Doing ? On The Floor

What is going on?

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