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30 Sign Fails That Will Make You do a Double Take
Mcdonalds Sign Fail - Offering You To Order 3 Ways Online

Quite the family atmosphere.

Warning Sign Fail - Erection In Progress

They knew what they did.

Road Sign Fail - Confusion


Advertising Sign Fail - Abortion Best Decision Ever

What an off placement.

Sticker Fail - Volkswagen Powered By Kfc

That seems like an interesting combination.

Dental Practice Sign Fail - Cum Therapy

What therapy?!

Election Sign Fail - Re-Erect Sheriff

Well, he certainly will get attention.

For Sale Sign Fail - Used Cows


Mall Sign Fail - Lsd The Beginning Of Something Wonderful


Hotel Sign Fail - Big Dick's Halfway Inn Resort

You know they get stopped a lot.

Wendy's Sign Fail - Need Heavyset Consumers


Safety Notice Fail - Do Not Board Bus Once Drive Has Closed Doors


London Drugs Sign Fail - Do Drugs

Change the bulbs.

Safety Banner Fail - Up Yours Too

Hmm, proofread that next time.

Neon Sign Fail - Cock Cock Cock


Book Store Sign Fail - Crapbooks

Stay away from that store.

Wendy's Sign Fail - Our Secret Ingredient Is Our People Now Hiring

Wendy’s is people!

Park Sign Fail - People Are Eating Children In This Area

Don’t eat children.

Starbucks Sign Fail - Sucks Coffee

Does what to coffee?

Construction Sign Fail - Provides A Free Drug &Amp; Alcohol Work Environment


Harmons Supermarket Sign Fail - Harm Your Neighborhood Grocer

Or don’t.

Popeyes Sign Fail - Jalapenis Chicken Poopers

Someone got bored.

Shell Gas Station Sign Fail - Hell

Yes, gas stations are often hell.

Bare Feet Shoes Sign Fail - Bare Feet Hoes

And kids are included!

Cash Register Sign Fail - Penis Broken Use Finger

That’s a stretch.

Glasses Shop Sign Fail - Best Asses

They’re proud.

Wendy's Sign Fail - Try Our Girl Chicken

Um.. no.

Road Sign Fail - One Way

Which way?

Flooring Sign Fail - Stick Men Doing ? On The Floor

What is going on?

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