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32 Hilarious Classical Art Memes You’ll Wish Were Taught in School
Art Oven On

Oh no!

Art After Hot Person

Oh hello there.

Art Paint My Portrait

K, so it’s done, then?

Art Two Group


Art Real Friendship

Real friendship

Art Ugh Dabbing

Come on, kid.

Art Shot Get Up

Don’t bleed on these!

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Art Tinder Vintage


Art Trying To Work Out

Is she though?

Art Trying Selfie

Just gotta get it right. Only one chance.

Art Runneth

Be gone!

Art Losing Argument

I can survive this.

Art Bad At Everything

So, you up for it?

Art Smile

How about no?

Art Know It Was You


Art Bagel

Banging solo.

Art Work Group

Great, great.

Art Hogs 30

Too many hogs, just too many.

Art Too High

This’ll do.

Art What

What he say?

Art Before

Oh noo..

Art Who This

No, really, who am I?

Art Relatable

So relatable.

Art Generic

Generic reply.

Art Vegans

Looks accurate.

Art Emotional Trauma


Art Delete First

Like what were they going to say?

Art Why Like This


Art Snackis

I should’ve bought snacks!

Art Sober House Party

So this is fun.

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