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32 Jason Collier Memes So Funny He’d Want to Date Them

Jason Collier To Do List

Once you fall down the Jason Collier rabbit hole, there’s no turning back. You just looking for more updates and new girlfriends. And of course, you try to find all of the Jason Collier memes.

Jason Collier Time For You

Jason juggled all of that, even the coffee makers. Of course, he needed caffeine – he had 2838383 girlfriends and a wife.

Jason Collier Best Life

Jason Collier was taken down by Cecily in a Facebook review. Legendary!

Jason Collier All Three At Once

And then the cards eventually began to fall. Thanks to Cecily! She came in like a wrecking ball.

Jason Wanting To Date Again

If you live in Stinnett, Texas, you may run into Jason Collier. You could be the next girlfriend!

Jason Collier Watching His Girlfriends Become Friends Meme 9486

“This shouldn’t happen! Oh no, now they have found another one!”

Marked Safe From Jason Collier Trying To Lure Me Into Marriage Today Meme 9484

For now, but the year is young.

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Jason Trying To Figure

Jason has 99 problems and all of them are because he cheats on his wife.

Jason Colliers Life Right Now Meme 9485

Oh no. OH NO. 

Me Trying To Figure Out How Many Girlfriends And Wives Jason Collier Actually Has Meme 9487

Is there truly an answer? Do we know?

Jason Gru

Things didn’t go according to plan for Jason, did they?

Jason Waiting To Propose

Any day now. He’ll make it official. Or it’ll be a cold day in hell!

Jason Know The Rules

Scandal or drama breaks, we make some memes. And Jason Collier memes are hilarious.

Jason Collier Single

There is absolutely a difference between single and Jason Collier’s version of “single.”

Jason Collier Bernie

And he will ask again!

Jason Collier Women Communicate

Wait, women talk? To each other?!

Jason Collier Opal Cecily

Jason wants to have all of the women.

Jason Collier The Internet

The Internet was waiting for you, Jason! The Jason Collier memes spread like wildfire.

Jason Aerial

How about 20 more?

Jason Leaving House

How did he keep up with all of this?

Jason Officer Drama

This is some grade-A drama too.

Jason Get Engaged

Wait, which one?

Jason So Theres A Chance

How many rings did he buy? Must have had a good discount at Jared.

Jason Nothing To See Here

Oh, there’s plenty to see there!

Jason Cut Out Lady

The newest attraction for Stinnet, Texas.

Jason Bigger

All his exes live in Texas.

Jason Falsify

Take it or leave it. There’s no way she could ever find about it!

Jason 20 Minutes

Are you kidding? He had a stockpile of engagement rings.

Jason Collier Memes Show He'S The Tiger King Of 2021

Jason Collier memes are taking over the Internet and we’re here for it.

Jason Cancel Date Tonight

Just what kind of excuse do you give?

Jason Collier Victimized

It might be easier to ask “Who hasn’t been victimized by Jason Collier?”

Jason Power Lies

I’d watch it. You know you would too.

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