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33 Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas

Red hots for the hot person in your life.

Vday 2

Buy some donuts and add some fun tags.

Vday 7

Rice Krispie Hearts


Vday 8

Create a card or photograph documenting where you met.


Vday 24 Listingmore

Create a book of date ideas.



Custom fragrance using essential oils.


Vday4 Cherry Beauty

Document reasons you love them.


Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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One couple passed back the same card for 40 years, writing name and date each yaer.



Spa in a jar will be loved by all.


Vday9 Simplykierste

Thumbprints of your kids and spouse.



Simple card for the Star Wars lover.



Use favorite song lyrics for this crafty photograph.


Vday12 Etsy

Any message on a simple card will be well-received.


Vday13 Craftriver Jenga

Create a romantic Jenga game!


Vday14 Memory Box Hairsoutofplace

Fill a shadowbox with memories and mementos.


Vday15 Eslamoda

A surprise post-it mirror message.


Vday16 Society19

Prepare a date box.



Give small gifts to be opened at a specific time.



Add labels to their favorite brew!


Vday19 Morelikehomenet

Create a simple custom keychain.

Vday20 Diyncraftscom

Who wouldn’t love bacon roses?


Vday21 Diyncrafts

For the man or metal-lover in your life.



Make a card for the writer you love.


Vday23 Artsyfartsymama

A unicorn box will please whimsical folks of any age.


Vday25 Bunchofcraft

A candy lover’s dream card.


Vday26 Thedatingdivas

Fill with I-owe-you’s, candy, and other treats.


Vday27 Craftymorning

Popsicle framed hands for the whole family.


Vday28 Blogdaricecom

Foam Valentine Foxes.


Vday29 Easypeasyandfun

How about a bee-mine card?


Vday30 Stem

Toothpicks and gummy hearts.


Vday31 Etsy

No one turns down smores.



For the traveller in your life.





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