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35 Funny Movie and TV Quotes You Probably Forgot About

Funny Pirate Quote

Never trust a pirate.

Funny Spongebob Dead

Are you a Squidward or a Spongebob?

Funny Concerned Welfare

Like how?

Funny People Worst

The worst.

Funny Bad Man

Moms are never wrong.

Funny Act Nice

Typical Larry.

Funny Turkey Pardon

We all would.

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Funny Furnture

Oh…no need to worry about that.

Funny Vodka Toast

Now it’s a balanced breakfast.

Funny Wrestled Giraffe

A feat.

Funny Useless Rain


Funny Pool Baptism

She tried.

Funny Oh Look




Funny Credo Regret

Not one.

Funny Chocolatepromises

Which one to offer.

Funny Cakesoon


Funny Anxiety Lizzie

We all thought it.

Funny Adult Movie

Very adult.

Funny Byob

She was ready!

Funny Poking With Charmed

Giles has plans.

Funny Cory Dryer

A worthwhile endeavor then.

Funny Jenna30Rocks


Funny Bob Burger Chilbirth

Oh Gene’s so sassy.

Funny Cookie Dough

Hank is ready!

Funny Queereye Skin


Funny Go Through Life

For what?!

Funny Gilmoregirls

Emily has a plan.

Funny Offensive

Oh Phil.

Funny Swiftly

Very swift.

Funny God Rules

She’s dismayed.

Funny Cant Elope

Screech isn’t the brightest.

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